Ansley Wine Club 2013

Do you want to learn more about the world of wine but just don’t have the time? Or maybe you’re timid and you don’t want to buy the wrong thing? Or perhaps you just want your friends to think of you as a wine connoisseur. Whatever the case,
Ansley Wine Merchants has you covered.

Each month the Ansley Wine experts will compile a six-bottle wine offering, valued over $100, full of sensational values for you to take home and explore for only $75.

The biggest decision you’ll have to make is if you want all six reds or a mixed case of three reds and three whites.

With your monthly selection will come a detailed description of the wines and even how to pair them with your food! We know how tricky that can be but how magical it can become when done right!

So if your New Year’s resolution is to learn something new, we think that something should be wine. It’s cerebral, always changing and damn good fun!

Sign Up?: Send us an email at Include your Phone Number and Wine Club selection and we will add you to the list! Thanks!

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