New Liquor: April

APRIL 2013

Japanese Whiskey’s are back in stock at Ansley.

We have the 12 year old Single Malt Yamazaki produced by Japan’s first scotch producer Suntory as well as the

"delicate smokiness in the nose and mouth, with some fruit. A touch of fruit comes from aging in plum barrels."

12 year old Hibiki Blended Whiskey.  The cool thing about Japanese whiskeys…

…they are made for the people and the people want whiskeys they can have with food.  You’re going to get balanced, delicate scotches, usually made with imported unpeated and heavily peated malts (most agricultural land provisions in Japan are allotted to the growing of rice).

Food pairing is not just for wine anymore.

MARCH 2013

Be the envy of all with this delicious wonder that we’ve got in by the case load because we’re special :-)

Angel’s Envy is aged up to 6 years in charred white oak barrels and finished in ruby port wine casks to give it this sweet, rich and smooth character.  It really is lovely.   $49.99/btl and it won’t last long.

January 2013

We’ve just gotten some pretty stellar bottles of tequila this week. Besides coming in a pretty dope hand painted, pottery skull; the stuff tequila in the skull is amongst the best of the best.

Kah, was made to honor the Mexican people and their 3000 year old Day of the Dead tradition.

The Reposado (the yellow skull) is the highest proof tequila available at 110 but goes down smooth like honey.

And then there is this baby. The Extra Anejo.

There is contention on this matter but according to the web, this bottle is adorned with some 700 Swarovski crystals. I want it just for that. But you could also want it because the tequila is aged for 4.5 years in American oak casks. Yeah, you could want it for that.

Stop by and see them. Or buy them. We’d rather you buy them. :-)

On Friday we’ve got a brand new Rye coming in made at one of the oldest farms in Vermont.  WhistlePig Master Distiller, Dave Pickerell, former 14 year Master Distiller of Maker’s Mark, considers WhistlePig to be his magnum opus.

WhistlePig is a 100 Proof, 100% Straight Rye Whiskey, aged for 10 years in new American oak.  With the highest ever awarded score of a 96 from Wine Enthusiast, that $69.99 price tag makes this an incredible value.


Straight Rye Whiskey
WE 96 “First, a warning: this is only for those while like their rye big and brawny. It starts innocuously with a maple-syrup color, and a pretty, complex and subtle scent: honey, vanilla a slight medicinal tinge and faint clover notes. It feels silky on the tongue at at first, the flavors reflect caramel, burnt orange and a whisper of smoke, but then a mouth-warming wave of tannic bite sweeps over all and lingers for a good long time. Straight up or on the rocks.”

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